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A year ago yesterday.

A year ago yesterday I was breathing in great big lungfuls of west coast forest air and marveling at the miracle of life with these two (three) incredible souls. It was a misty, foggy, and soul-rich day which seemed to reflect perfectly the lives of these body boarding, ocean loving, tree-planters. These two are the force behind the brilliant work of Goose Goose Revolution. They also went on to have the cutest baby on the face of the planet, mine not included 😉 Scroll to the end to see their greatest masterpiece, Sacha. I love you, my wonderful friends! I know you are having fun in South Africa, but come home soon! We miss you! xo

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Keri_Coles_Photography_p-004 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-005 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-006 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-007 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-009 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-010 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-011 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-012 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-014 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-015 copy

Keri_Coles_Photography_p-016 copy

And this is Sacha on his 6 month birthday, just after eating his first solid food, pumpkin 😉

Remembrance Day

While I don’t support all the wars that have been waged, I will forever support those who have had their lives irreparably altered due to war whether that has been through serving their country or living amongst the chaos of war. Lest we forget: peace is possible.

Remembrance Day, Victoria, BC, cenotaph, Legislature Building

flags, legislature lawn, remembrance day

Bagpiper, Victoria, BC, Remembrance Day ceremony

Moment of silence, Remembrance day, Victoria BC

Marching military, Remembrance Day, Victoria, BC

Military salute, Remembrance Day, Victoria, BC

Flag bearers, Remembrance Day, Victoria, BC, photography

Headshots with Lizzy

I love doing headshot portraits outside in natural light. I find the variety in backgrounds is far more interesting than what I have in the studio. All of these images were created within a one block radius but result in lots of different options to choose from.