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I want to start with a great big thanks to Atomique for putting on such great shows and making the Victoria music scene what it is.

I went down to the Save-On Foods Memorial Centre last night to photograph the Metric show. It was great to finally see them live (well, the first three songs anyway). The difference between shooting musicians in the dawn of their career and those that are really well known is access (obviously). I adore shooting the smaller gigs as you have a lot of freedom to roam, time to get into the groove and, in my mind,  capture truer images. With the larger shows it is typical to be ushered in just before the set starts, you shoot for the first three songs, and then you are ushered out. The amount of shoot time isn’t an issue for me (I shoot fast and a lot) but it is when it happens in the set that feels wrong to me. *I understand it isn’t all about the photographer, I’m trying to get over that. Haha 😉 I’m sure the music industry has excellent reasons for making it the first three songs. *   But let me explain where I’m coming from on this one. Music shows are like conversations.  When it begins there is usually an air of tension as you try to read the other side while covering the standard rote questions “Where are you from? What do you do?”. It takes a bit of time before you can relax into discussing the stuff that actually matters. The stuff that is a truer representation of you. The stuff that will have you walking away thinking about how awesome the other one is.  It takes time to warm up. To get deep. It is the same for shows. The end of the set is ALWAYS (o.k, I’m sure there are some notable exceptions) better, purer, rawer (is that a word?), richer than the start. It is THAT that I’m interested in capturing. THAT is the gold. Not the hello. Not the how are you. But the HEY, THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR! THIS IS WHY MY HEART BEATS.

So until I change the system, I give you a hello from Metric:

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