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Mud Girls Cob Building Workshop

I spent an incredible week on Salt Spring Island at a Mud Girls Cob Building Workshop. The Mud Girls are about promoting and enabling the construction of natural building (mostly cob) affordably. A group of about twenty of us came together to live as a community for a week and build a cob cabin. We all camped in a beautiful apple orchard, swam/bathed in the pond, and were treated to three delicious organic meals a day (the chefs were brilliant! mmmmm). In return, we worked our butts off…literally! They were long, hot, hard days but so rewarding! One of the really amazing things was that almost all of the people that came to participate were mothers that brought their children. The Mud Girls said that they would provide free childcare and I think all of us moms jumped at the chance to really throw ourselves into a project while our kids were entertained. Well entertained they were! Paula, who looked after the kids, is a superwoman. I have honestly never witnessed someone so fantastic and engaging with kids. Paula, you are my hero! Molly and Claire, who taught the cob building, were not only awesome women but great teachers and mentors. I can’t recommend the workshop enough. Not to sound dramatic but it was life-changing. Check out their website for more information:   http://www.mudgirls.ca/